K-Drama Review - My Mister

So I watched this drama over 2 days. Just finished the finale now. I even skipped work and its my 56th hour being awake...

The first 2-3 episodes are not really bearable due to the sheer contrast to what the description leads you to believe. So I was really near to dropping it several times. The fact that I usually don't pick up titles with old/middle-age & young pairings didn't help much either. It was the 9.3 rating on MDL and apparent dearth of new dramas that led me to get this series. 

Let me be clear, there is no physical romance like kissing or later stuff in between the leads. Still the romance transcends physical boundaries and its something so complicated that I am afraid, a single word can't encompass the feeling.

There are many plot lines in the drama but the leads' plot is the most interesting by far, others pale in comparison and sometimes feel as filler instead. Only the male lead's youngest brother has a prominent recurring plot and a bit character…

Grabbing Images From Image Boards & Grabber by Bionus

I have been using Grabber for over a year now and it has gone from the crashing disaster it was, to a really great and almost crash free download manager and browser. Though the UI is in desperate need of an overhaul.

I can be considered as a fanatic when it comes to downloading and hoarding images related to art, 3d art, anime and stuff. 

For anime and related genres, I have perhaps downloaded over a million images through this software. But that was all because of my inexperience and not knowing the strategies involved to cut down all the new ones which pop up ever day and number in the hundreds. 

I have perhaps done around three cycles now, fourth ongoing. Meaning that I have restarted the search from 0, three times. All because at the end I had lost my life to filtering and choosing the best ones out of the thousands upon thousands of specimen. Which forced me to a wake up call, deleting everything till none left. But then I always rebounded after a couple of months. 

So, the followin…

I was reading White Emperor and came across the longest tongue twister...

I mean how the hell it would even be considered a tongue twister when you can't even remember it fully and compete with others....

This twister, which is originally 466 words long is really a test for your mind and tongue coherency rather... It also shows how letter "S" is so diverse and how the English language has it as starting letter for so many words that even an intelligible essay can be crafted with only such words.
The Saga of Shrewd Simon ShortShrewd Simon Short sewed shoes. Seventeen summers, speeding storms, spreading sunshine successively, saw Simon’s small, shabby shop, still standing staunch, saw Simon’s selfsame squeaking sign still swinging silently specifying: Simon Short, Smithfield’s sole surviving shoemaker. Shoes sewed soled super finely.

Simon’s spry, sedulous spouse, Sally Short, sewed shirts, stitched sheets, stuffed sofas. Simon’s six stout sons — Seth, Samuel, Stephen, Saul, Silas, Shadrach – sold sundries. Sober Seth sold sugar, spices; si…

So I went to Kaghan last week

I am a big fan of traveling and exploring mountainous areas. Last week when I went to my home town, a plan was quickly setup by my youngest brother (14) and forced upon our parents. 

The month of June is pegged as the peak season for tourism. The hotels are most expensive during this time and also the usual places are jam packed. Many people even couldn't find rooms and have to sleep in their vehicles. 

July is usually very rainy thus people avoid the hilly areas. 

The months of May (partial), August, September (partial) are the best for dirt cheap tourism to the same places. The hotel and food costs are usually three to more than ten times less. I remember, once we went to the same valley in August and paid only Rs. 3000 ($8.21 each) for two room with 7 beds each. In this trip, the same room costed about Rs. 14,000-18,000 ($115-$147.86).

My parents simply can't say no to him for long. I played the neutral role, changing sides to whatever suited me best. haha

So sometimes, he would…

Editing and Stuff

So I stopped editing the works, I was working on. It was because I lost the interest in those titles. Only GDW is one that I sometimes work on but a release is still far in the future. Most probably, I will release about 100-200 chapters in a batch later. Its just too repetitive so normally when I completely forget its nature that I return to it.

Aside from this, I have started to work as an editor in a permanent capacity for the translator of the novel Virtual World Peerless White Emperor. I am going by the alias "skizlock" there.

I may also volunteer for one or two more novels, if circumstances allow.

A Guide on SSDs

So I was requested to provide a non-technical guide for people who are willing to buy SSDs.
Some Terms Related To SSDsEndurance/LifeA SSD has a defined and calculable life associated with it. 
Like a certain limited number of bytes (tera or peta) can be written to a particular drive, after which it probably fails. Intel SSDs are configured to stop working after this limit is reached.Some manufacturers have a read only switch in place thus you can copy the contents when this limit is reached. Others with no such limits may work for an undetermined amount of time afterwards. Failure in terms of endurance does not mean that you can't read the data on it. Only Intel drives require professional recovery as they only give one chance to the user. The user has to copy all data in the same session the limit is reached, after a shutdown/restart, the SSD locks out.The limit and progress to it, is viewable in almost all HDD/SSD diagnostic tools. SLC and MLC have extremely long life. TLC and QLC…